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The Best Acne Home Remedies

Yes, there are remedies you can make from everyday kitchen ingredients that actually work! Well, maybe some of them work better than others, but I'm going to stick to telling you about the most practical and effective acne home remedies out there. These treatments use ingredients you may already have on-hand, or are easily found (usually for cheap) at most grocery or department stores. Most people may not think of them as acne treatments, but these little-known secrets can really clear your skin!



Apple Cider Vinegar - I wouldn't recommend chugging this stuff, but taking a few spoonfuls per


day can genuinely promote clear skin, and it even has topical uses!



Honey - It's sticky and sweet, and it's also a natural moisturizer that cleanses and rejuvenates


your skin. Honey makes a great addition to most home skin care recipes.



Tea Tree Oil - This is one of the most powerful acne spot treatments you've probably never tried.


I've been clear for a while, but I still keep some handy, just in case :)

Oatmeal Acne Mask - So apparently smearing oatmeal all over your face is a healthy thing to
   do. Who knew?
Aloe Vera - This herb is easy to grow in your home, and the sap from its leaves has some very
  impressive medicinal qualities.
Olive Oil - Whether you're making a salad or rubbing it on your face, olive oil has some powerful
  benefits for your skin.
Epsom Salt & Sea Salt - The next time you take a bath, maybe you should consider making
  it a salt bath. This natural remedy works great for body acne.
Jojoba Oil - It's the oil that is secretly a wax in disguise! Makes a great moisturizer, and it may
  also aid in balancing sebum production.
Baking Soda - Great for making bread rise and cleaning the dishes, using a baking soda mask
  is also an effective way to exfoliate your skin.
Lemon Juice - Instead of squeezing pimples, maybe you should start squeezing a few lemons!
  As they say, "when life gives you acne, make lemonade!" or something like that.
Manuka Honey - Not all honey is created equal. Bees that feed from the Manuka shrub make
  the good stuff, packed with several times the antibacterial punch.
Milk & Yogurt Masks - Using these dairy products in facial masks can help soothe away acne
  and nourish your skin.
Turmeric - This spice is famous in India both for its flavor and its many benefits to your health,
  including clearing up blemishes (although it may turn you yellow!).
Neem Oil - Great for keeping the bugs away and soothing inflammation, neem seed oil is another
  Ayurvedic remedy that combines well with turmeric.


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