My easy-to-follow skin regimen. Stick to it closely and acne won't stand a chance.


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My daily clear skin regimen

Start with this step-by-step daily regimen


It assumes that you're just beginning with vitamin B5 treatment and haven't gotten to the point where you can really reduce dosage yet. Note that there are a ton of other helpful treatment techniques on this site as well, but while something like making an oatmeal mask is great for your skin, it doesn't necessarily have to be part of your everyday regimen, so you won't see that kind of stuff here.


Also, don't forget to check the resources on the left for more detailed advice on things like your acne diet, washing and shaving, etc.  


1) The Morning Wash


Time to wake up!


Shower with warm water (not hot). Use a gentle, good-quality body wash and a bath sponge with some texture to exfoliate those dead skin cells. Don't scrub too hard. Pat dry.


Wash your face with a gentle cleanser (it doesn't have to be an "acne" cleanser). Rinse and pat dry. That's all (no moisturizers, toners or SPF 15 unless you know you're going to be spending long hours in the sun).


Shave carefully, going with the grain if your skin is sensitive. Use a gentle, moisturizing aftershave lotion.


2) Breakfast


Eat a healthy, low-carb, low-dairy breakfast. Eggs and fruit is optimal. Yogurt is a decent alternative (I personally love those Greek yogurts like Chobani™, and they're surprisingly high in protein, which is always a plus). Try to eat those other breakfasts (cereal and milk, bagels, pancakes, country fried steak...) sparingly. 


Drink a big, tall glass of water (or juice, or unsweetened green tea, etc.). Combine this with:


Take 1 packet of Clearade (or 1-2 tablets of Clear5, or a vitamin B5 acne supplement of your choice).


(optional) Take your other supplements. If your diet is good, you may not need anything else, but otherwise take your multivitamin and/or fish oil, etc.


Skip the coffee. Yeah, I know you java junkies aren't going to listen to me, but caffeine isn't the best thing for your skin, so if you've got the willpower to go without it, do so.


*Acne Tip: This may not be possible for everyone, but consider taking your breakfast before the morning wash if you can. Your skin is often more sensitive right after you wake up, and giving it some time can help prevent irritation from things like shaving.


3) Lunch


Eat a healthy lunch. Standard acne diet rules apply. If you choose to eat bread, try to make it whole grain. Skip the fries. Work in some fruit or vegetables if you can.


Drink a big, tall glass of water. Starting to see a trend here?


*If you're not taking Clearade, take 1-2 tablets of Clear5 (or a B5 supplement of your choice) either now with your meal or in the afternoon.


4) Afternoon


(optional) Wash. Normally, I recommend washing your face no more than twice per day (morning and night), max. However, if you did something to work up a sweat or get yourself dirty, then by all means give your skin another wash. Just don't do it for no reason.


If you need to snack, snack on something good for your skin, like fruit.


Drink a big, tall glass of water.


5) Dinner


Eat a healthy dinner. Pretty straight forward. Hardly anyone sticks to a 100% healthy diet, but if you're eating pizza or something, just try not to make it an everyday occurrence. Take your water and Clear5 now if you didn't in the afternoon.


6) Evening


Wash your face. Same as in the morning. Gently wash off those cosmetics if you're wearing them. If you've been using vitamin B5 for a while and it's working well, you may only need a rinse at this time (I only wash with an actual cleanser once per day).


(optional) Spot treatment.  If, on the other hand, you've just started taking Clear5 and still want a spot treatment to help get rid of those last few lingering pimples fast, it's OK to dab on a bit of the old benzoyl peroxide now (although consider using a natural alternative like tea tree oil).


Remember what I said about snacking back in the afternoon section? Same applies here. If you feel the need to sit in front of the TV and munch on something, reach for an apple instead of the chips.


Drink a big, tall glass of water. Combine this with:


Take 1 packet of Clearade (or 1-2 tablets of Clear5).


Chug down a bottle of whiskey. OK, I'm just joking. Don't actually do this.


Get some sleep. Don't underestimate how important sleep is for healthy skin (see that sleep & your skin link on the left?). Go to sleep at a decent hour. You want a full 8 hours, not just 6. Pleasant dreams!


Wake up and do it again!


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